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Useful information

Geojedo or Geoje Island (also often spelled Koje Island) is the principal island of Geoje City, on the southern coast of Gyeongsangnam-Do province, South Korea. It is joined to land by two bridges from nearby Tongyeong.
Shinhyeon is the largest town on the island. The Busan Geoje  fixed link is under construction to provide a more direct connection to the city of Busan.

Geoje Island covers an area of 383.44 km², the second largest island in South Korea (second to Jeju Island). The landscape features several peaks: Gara (580 m), Gyerong (554.9 m), the skirmisher mountain (465.5 m), Daegeum (437.5 m) and Googsabong (400 m). Geojedo is known for its rich deposits of granite. The southern belt of Geojedo, together with part of Namhaedo in Namhae County, belongs to Hallyeo Martime National Park

Geoje Island features several natural harbors. Shipbuilding is the largest industry on the island. The second and third largest shipyards in South Korea are both located on the island, Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) in the city of Okpo, and Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) in the city of Gohyeon (Geoje City).

There are 4 seasons in Korea - spring and autumn are very pleasant, summer (June to August) is very hot and humid and winter (November to February) is dry and cold.

General information

Taxis are plentiful and there are a few types (please note that the black taxis cost more than others).

Tipping is not required. A smile will do nicely.

Credit cards are widely accepted.

International calling code is +82.

KRW 1,120 is approximately USD 1.

Mobile phones from other countries will not work in Korea. You need to get a Korean mobile phone.

Emergency no. for crime is 112

Fire emergency no. is 119

Medical care

Most medical needs (both preventative and emergency) can be satisfied locally. There are medical clinics specifically serving foreigners with USA/Europe educated doctors here in Okpo, in additional to a medium sized hospital (Daewoo Hospital), and several women's health (OB/GYN) clinics.

An American educated dentist has recently opened a new modern (and rather high-tech) practice in downtown Okpo.

Local pharmacies are plentiful, and are stocked with basic over the counter (OTC) medicines similar to most of what you have available back home, however some expatriates prefer to bring a large cache of basic medicines in brands they are familiar with, and with labels and warnings that are printed in their own language.

Birth Control pill subscriptions can be filled surprisingly economically by the local pharmacies if one brings the package (including active ingredients listing from your current prescription to the pharmacist).


Dogs are popular pets, and dog supplies are plentiful on the island (including high-end imported dog foods, a la Science Diet). Cats are not common pets within the Korean population, and as a result cat supplies are a bit more difficult to find. Cat food (including imported brands) is available, but not always the variety you may be used to. Cat litter can be found in the larger department stores (including the
LotteMart in TongYeong).

There are competent veterinary services available in Okpo.

South Korea Pet Import Requirements:

Rabies-Health Certificate Requirements: Vaccination certificate must be between 30 days and 1 year. Health Certificate must be less than 10 days.
Quarantine: Not required
Import Permit: Not required
Miscellaneous: If traveling from USA, health certificate needs USDA stamp.

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List of things you may want to bring with you
  • Spices
  • Food Seasoning
  • English (or other non-Korean) language books
  • English (or other non-Korean) cds, dvds region code 3
  • Vitamins
  • Baby/Children's medicine (most parents are more comfortable with brands they are familiar with, and with labels in English)
  • Tampons (available here, but expensive, and in limited selection)
  • Clothes/ Underwear (shops do not cater for larger sizes)
  • Shoes (shops do not cater for larger sizes)
  • Diarrhea pills (kimchi in, kimchi out)

Korean food

Korean food is known to be hot and spicy. The cuisine consists mainly of beef, pork, chicken and fish dishes - so it can be a bit challenging for vegetarians. Kimchi (preserved vegetables) is always served with the main course.

International schools

There is a Foreigner's School in Okpo (English) that offers curriculum for children up to age 14. For more information visit the Okpo International School website.

Rainbow International school is open to children from 2 years of age until they are eligible to attend Okpo International Schools Early Learning Unit class. E-mail:

There are not currently any foreign schools serving high school aged children on Geoje Island. However, there are international schools in South Korea located a few hours away from Geoje that offer options for student boarding Monday-Friday:
Gyeongnam International Foreign School
Taejon Christian International School

Apartment Rental Contacts

MK Management

Admiral Residences Apartments & Row Houses

COENS Energy
J. H. Cho / General Manager

4185, Geoje-daero, Yeoncho-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongnam, Korea (656-812)

Tel : +82 55 639 2010
Fax : +82 55 688 6040
Cell : +82 10 8614 3005
Email :

SGA Best for Rent

Accommodations, Relocation, Vehicles

T.+82 (0)55 730 9299  E.

KOSSCO Apartment Rental

Ryan(TaeRyeon) Yang

Service coordinator

Office. +82 55 687 5493 Hardware Fax Fax +82 55 638 5480 | PhoneMobile.. +82 10 2180 5877

Airport Driver ServiceMr. Shin's Limousine and Minibus provides airport pick up and drop off services.  Many foreigner's club members have found Mr. Shin to be a safe and reliable driver with clean & new vehicles.

MOBILE: 010 9364 6038

FAX: +82 (0) 55-638-2074

Common Korean Phrases

Annyeong Haseyo - Hello!

Annyeong Gaseyo - Bye! (To someone that's leaving)

Annyeong Gyeseyo - Bye! (To someone that's staying)

Kamsia Hamida - Thank you!

Yogi yo - Hey taxi driver/waiter, I'm here!

Agashi - Miss

Ajeosi - Sir

Ajuma - Old married lady

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