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 Local Contacts 

Recognizing that there is currently not an easy means for non-Korean speakers to look up local phone numbers in and around Okpo, the GFRA website will keep a phone number listing for local business - let us know what phone numbers you'd like to see listed...

First and foremost, the GFRA Clubhouse Telephone Number:
within Korea: 055 687 9332
from overseas: (+82) 55 687 9332

 Local Phone Numbers 
  • Delhi Indian Restaurant (055) 688-3686
  • Everyday Epicurean (055) 687-4840 *Robin Bakery's new name and new look. Check it out!*
  • Admiral Hotel (055) 687-3761
  • Geoje Island Hotel (055) 687-7111
  • Mr. Pizza (delivery) (055) 688-5996
  • Domino's Pizza (delivery) (055) 688-5666
  • Lemon Tree Cafe (055) 688-0572
  • Samsung Geoje Hotel in Goyhun (055) 631-2114
  • Daewoo Hospital (055) 680-8128
  • EZ Pediatric Clinic (055) 688-3727
  • Mari Beauty Salon (055) 688-3558
  • Quiznos Sub (055) 688-9191
  • Deokpo Golf Land (055) 687 7447
  • Sumgim Presbyterian Church (See below for phone numbers and details).


Address 32-1 Daewon Building 3rd floor, Gohyun-dong  (Daewon BBQ building)

Phone no. 055-637-7753

 Other Local Info: 

English language worship service is available from the Okpo International Church held at Okpo Joongang Church located directly behind Mr. Pizza.  This non-denominational church is run by foreigner's for foreigner's and locals who prefer service in English language.  Weekly service is held at 09:00 am on Sundays; weekly Men's Bible study is held at 20:00 on Tuesdays at Geoje International Center, Ladies Bible study is held at 19:30 on Thursdays .Geoje International Center

For more information please contact Gail Tait at 010 8817 4884   You can also visit and for more information.

You are invited to join the family at Sumgim Presbyterian Church.  We congregate to worship in English, to love one another in Christand build one another up to face the challenges of this world in Christ-like character.  We are a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-denominational group united in Christ.  Bring your family and friends to a warm gathering with joyous music and a powerful Bible based message!  We look forward to seeing you!
Sumgim Presbyterian Church - English Worship Service
When: Every Sunday from 1.30pm - 2:30pm

Room: Joshua Hall (inside the lower parking garage)
Video Directions: 

Pastor: Kenneth @ 010-3858-4792,
Deacon: Daniel @ 010-4331-4070
Email the Body:

Kids Sunday School
Discipleship Group
Women's Bible Study
Free Korean Lessons
Sports (Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Table Tennis)
Much More...

Internet Shopping

Attention shopaholics! Time to utilise your credit cards and do some serious damage to your spouse's wallet. Gmarket offers an english version for internet shopping! Check it out at


Mr. Lee, Seong Joo, an American trained Dentist has opened his new clinic in Okpo.

Directions to his office are as follows:  Ye Clinic is found on the 5th floor, above Starbucks coffee shop.  Feel free to drop in and look around anytime.

TLC Dental Okpo,  
502,38 Okpodaecheop-ro,Gyeongsangnam-do,Geoji-si,
Tel 055 688 6300
Fax 055 688 6311

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    from overseas: (+82) 55 687 9332
    within Korea: 055 687 9332